you are your own saviour

let go of whats gone.


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  • You are worth it; please don’t let anyone diminish your radiant flame that could light up the entire night sky.
  • You were not meant to be beautiful, don’t let anyone bind you to  such as those. You are much more than just kind words, you are a galaxy, an array of mysteries, you aren’t meant to be tied down to just “beautiful”.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes. You weren’t created to be perfect, you were created to live, and making mistakes is a part of that.
  • Not everyone you love will love you back, but don’t ever stop loving. Even when your heart begins to ache and your eyes begin to tell nothing more than white noise, do not give up. Love comes when we least expect it.
  • I understand how hard it is, but even if you just try, please love yourself. Whether you’re a size 00 or a size 20, male, female, or everything yet nothing in between, you are worthy of self love. But do not try to make yourself feel better making others feel worse.
  • It’s totally okay to question your sexuality, gender, or religion. You won’t grow up loving boys and you won’t grow up loving girls, you won’t always pray to the same god your mom does, and you won’t feel like a boy and you won’t feel like a girl just because you have that genital in between your legs.
  • It’s okay to be afraid, we don’t always understand what we feel or what we think and it’s okay to be afraid of that. But do not let fear control you.
  • Sometimes courage is a quiet fight, a dim softness within you that flickers even on your darkest days, and reminds you that you are strong, that you are growing — that there is hope.”
  • Because we never know when the world will take us and you don’t want to leave with regrets when it does. Show your friends how much you love them. Get into some trouble, its okay. Just don’t do anything drastic. You need to live because only then will you be happy.

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